Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Negotiator

McKay so didn't want to do the Dance Festival this year. He didn't like the dance, at all. He and his friend were wanting to go to Walkers. Yes, the gas station, because apparently there is so much to do there. I had told them "NO WAY! It's your last year. You'll feel bad if you don't do it." His friends parents told him he could, so it was just McKay. He got home, showered, put on his cologne, suit, placed a pen in his pocket and wrote a paper on 20 good reasons about letting your son go. Some of my favorites were: "Fifth tomorrow is not an educational day, and will not learn anything." "seventh is that I will try out singing lessons, and do the chorus at the jr. high next year." "Eighth will have a good attitude for the rest of the month and including during practice" "My twelfth reason is that I will do the lawn with a good attitude of course." "And fifteen you ate half of my hundred grand" At the end it had two lines; one for "You'r signature" and "My signature". I had him show me the "Dance as exhibit "A" so I could make a better judgement. ;) In the end I thought "My dad would be so proud of him". So I told him yes, but he better call Garrett to make sure before he signed it. Once it was signed it was put into place. Garrett was sick! For real sick! He came home with the flu. So McKay had a choice. Did he want to just stay home alone, or go. He...
{next post, tomorrow to find out}
Here's Exhibit "A"


Katheryn Wiederhold said...

Love!! Can't wait for the next post. Loved the reasons. Can't believe McKay is going to jr high. I'm old!!!

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