Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Negotiator

McKay so didn't want to do the Dance Festival this year. He didn't like the dance, at all. He and his friend were wanting to go to Walkers. Yes, the gas station, because apparently there is so much to do there. I had told them "NO WAY! It's your last year. You'll feel bad if you don't do it." His friends parents told him he could, so it was just McKay. He got home, showered, put on his cologne, suit, placed a pen in his pocket and wrote a paper on 20 good reasons about letting your son go. Some of my favorites were: "Fifth tomorrow is not an educational day, and will not learn anything." "seventh is that I will try out singing lessons, and do the chorus at the jr. high next year." "Eighth will have a good attitude for the rest of the month and including during practice" "My twelfth reason is that I will do the lawn with a good attitude of course." "And fifteen you ate half of my hundred grand" At the end it had two lines; one for "You'r signature" and "My signature". I had him show me the "Dance as exhibit "A" so I could make a better judgement. ;) In the end I thought "My dad would be so proud of him". So I told him yes, but he better call Garrett to make sure before he signed it. Once it was signed it was put into place. Garrett was sick! For real sick! He came home with the flu. So McKay had a choice. Did he want to just stay home alone, or go. He...
{next post, tomorrow to find out}
Here's Exhibit "A"

Phone Import

I don't always have my camera. Those day's are long past. However, I do always have my phone so those fabulous "in the moment" memories are not lost. Here are some of my favorites:
These were gifts from Christmas, I know so long ago. But I loved them, the yarn is so different between the two, but both are so soft and wonderful to knit with. I loved the way they turned out.Josie. And yes, I let her go to school like that. When she was younger I had a sign I'd put on her back that said "I did it myself today". Since then I have embraced and love her individuality. I figure she'll be the next Oilily designer. McKay and Abby last week, were lunch servers together! They had so much fun together!Notice the piles of laundry. This is taken a couple of weeks ago after finishing my laundry day. This is after a week. The two large piles in the middle? They are Josie's, Yes she goes through several outfits a day, but it's still more then what I can ever figure out. Last week she had 12 pajamas! How?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Can it be?!

This little guy had a very special night last night.
He graduated from PRESCHOOL! My little guy & I have searched on the web, went to our favorite science store in Orem for a potion to help him to stop growing. We haven't found anything yet, but we are determined to find something soon!
Yes this is what Gabe and Kimball did the entire time. Notice the arm (his moms who is most amazing teacher) with a quick grab to separate them. We have had so many blessing from this wonderful preschool. My aunt recommended it two years ago when we were going to go to Quail Run. Quail didn't quite work for us but this preschool was just where we were suppose to be. Kimball and Gabe have become so close. They are very similar, and both fantastic kids, love to have fun, and they are both the babies.

Ms. Barbara has been AMAZING! I don't know anyone else who would have been so good to my little allergy boy. She has truly blessed our lives.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


(Photo by Laura Belnap)

Yes that's my little Tinkerbell with her cello. UVYSO has just finished their 2011-12 season. Their spring concert was last Monday. However, my adorable Ab's didn't make it. She was running a low-grade fever all day. Just before leaving it spiked up to 102.5. She was so upset. After talking to her about why {understanding all the work, and it being the last concert} she was so upset about missing it, she broke down and said all the songs were the same as the festival except for "The Sound of Music". She loved the piece and wanted us to hear it. So we made a deal. She would go to bed, and I'd have Laura video the piece. {THANKS LAURA!!} We are all so sad we missed hearing it live with her in it, but she wanted to share her favorites.

And her 2nd favorite recorded at the Festival:
{She's the little cellist second row)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Piano Debut

Josie had her piano debut tonight. She has been working so hard on it. She made the programs, I did type them but she chose a picture and the font, oh the font. It took us a very long time to choose the perfect font for her program. She even wrote a story to string the songs together. She is very creative.
Josie has the most amazing piano teacher, Chirsty. (She even just won a national award for music teachers!)
You might be wondering about her dress. Oh her beautiful dress that Grammie & Grandpa sent her for her 8th Birthday. They picked it up for her in Korea. Josie has been waiting for the perfect place to debut the fabulous dress as well. She thought this was the perfect occasion.
You did it Jose!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Einstein's Birthday

For home school today we celebrated Albert Einstein's birthday. Josie figured he would be 133 years old today. Off we drove for a tasty breakfast from "Einstein's Bro." When we got home we watched a 3 min documentary. She identified with the fact "at school he was mediocre at best." She was surprised that someone labeled as a genius struggled at school. She asked if that meant she could be a scientist or physicist like he was. Of course I responded with "Absolutely!" She has looked at microscope slides on and off all day, found specimens of her own and wants to make her own slides. She took the picture of him we printed off and typed up her favorite quote from him "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Taped them together and posted it up on the inside of her closet door. I don't think there could have been a more perfect lesson on day number 3!

Journal Entry

Josie and I have embarked on an adventure together. Homeschooling for core classes. She is loving her journal writing topics. We videoed her first entry to share with Grammie.